jueves, 19 de agosto de 2010

Rules about using Stella

Lately I encountered some people that is using Stella without my permission, such as making her for MMORPG games, using her for massive roleplays and even creating accounts with her name and stealing my art. That's not allowed by my side. I mean, if you want to make Stella sing, you can do it without my permission, I'll be most happy if you want to use her, but stealing the character design and/or using her without my permission for roleplays and such is BAD. I want to full terminate this behaviour by people. I WON'T TOLERATE USING STELLA FOR GAMES, ROLEPLAYS, ACCOUNTS OR ANYTHING WITHOUT MY SOLELY PERMISSION. If you want to use Stella for other purpouses, let me know first!. Also that applies if you made fanart, fanfictions, songs or other kind of art. Lately I see many people drawing her and they don't let me know. I'd like to know when my characters are drawn, especially those who are drawing her and posting art on Deviantart. I don't like that place anymore and yet I find art and they think that Stella is a Vocaloid when she isn't. I hope I made myself clear and from now on you'll do the right thing. Thanks for understanding.

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