jueves, 19 de agosto de 2010

Hoshine Stella ACT 2 released!

That's right! I was (not so) secretly working on this and I decided to release right now, because today I had surgery on my mouth and since I don't feel well and I don't have the will to finish the picture for her debut on Youtube and Nico, I'm uploading her new voicebank here and I'll update later on those places when I finish the picture and the video.

Also, for those who complained about her voice being very low and her design being not accurate for her age I decided to record in a higher pitch, with an improved microphone and also she got a redesign:

Here are some samples of her new voice:

And her voicebank:

Hoshine Stella ACT 2

Hope you like!

2 comentarios:

Ren. dijo...

Damn, THIS IS SO AWESOME, the quality is fkwhnfwjehf *explodes*, much better than Iiki's :DDD GJ!

Feli dijo...

Thank you :D