sábado, 21 de agosto de 2010

Random UTAU Facts (Stella)

I kinda stole this from Yue Nagareboshi, so yeah, here we go XD

-Her favorites clothes are shimapantsu (white panties with blue stripes).
-Her favorite food is pizza, but also likes all kind of sweets, cakes, pastries, tea, etc.
-Her main character item is a star, and her second character item is an strawberry covered in hot chocolate.
-A lot of people thinks that she dyes her hair and that's not true. Her two different coloured hair is natural.
-Theorically Stella wasn't "born" since she came in a shooting star.
-She doesn't remember the place from where she came, and when she arrived she wasn't very talkative and was shy.
-Stella would like to sing a duet with Hatsune Miku someday.
-Her favorite songs are Dokubou Stellar Theater and Magnet.
-Camila Melodía is her mentor and she respects her too much.
-Utaune Nami is one of her best friends.
-She deeply loves Sasayaki Noonorü, but sometimes she wishes she could break up with him because he makes her feel jealous sometimes, but she would never do it.
-She has a good relationship with Namine Ritsu. They like to sing together a lot.
-She wonders what happened to Doremine Janyori...
-Something she likes to do is staring at the stars every night. And she is good with astrology and sometimes she likes to read Tarot cards (but she is still learning how to do it). Loves everything related with the horoscope (both western and eastern).
-Also, she loves everything related with the universe and likes to know about other galaxies and unknown planets. She is interested in UFOlogy as well.
-She (not so secretly) loves yaoi and shonen-ai XD and sometimes reads manga and watch anime related to them.
-The best thing she does is sleeping. And does it quite frequently.
-Stella can get mad very easily, and sometimes will do anything stupid, but later she always apologies. She is a nice girl after all.
-Oh and let's don't forget that she doesn't have any magical power. Or maybe...she does?

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