martes, 25 de mayo de 2010

I hope i'm making the right decision this time (retiring from UTAU)

Well, I hope I'm not making any mistake now, and took me some time to think on it, but I'm getting tired of working on UTAU and I don't find it fun anymore.
There is a lot of rivalry between users, the community is not really pleasant to my eyes and there is a lot of people who is really jealous of one or another, and sometimes people doesn't give chances to newcomers or they just plain critizice the work of others and doesn't think about the feelings of the creators anymore and they just come saying bad things about the voicebanks even though we work a lot on them.
Me, since I started using UTAU, I had (and still have) to deal with bad criticisisms and insults every and other day, and personally I'm tired of it.
I don't make my voicebanks or my art to get insulted, I just do it for fun, and I seriously I'm tired of it. It really hurts me that I put a lot of effort on making this things to get comments such as "disgusting voice", "the voice doesn't match the appearance", and so on. People is really narrow minded and they won't open to stuff like this (at least for me), so I came to a point where I can't hold it anymore. UTAU is making me suffer, and I don't want to suffer anymore.

I'm not going to delete my voicebanks or videos, they'll remain here, because I know some people still like them and I appreciate it, so they're free for use. But in my case I'm not gonna use them anymore because I'm really really upset with this and my personal condition is not very good to be dealing with this stuff.

So that's it, I'm sure nobody is going to read this but I had the feeling I had to make it clear. Be all well and thanks for everything.

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Runzi333 dijo...

please don't do that a lot of people like your work!!! just because some people are @$$ holes doesn't mean you should quit! it means you ignore and block them and comtinue but if it really is no fun for you anymore just leave for awile. :(