jueves, 17 de diciembre de 2009


Wow!! already some of my friends drew Stella! :D I'm so happy she is having a warm welcoming! (if you excuse the mary-sue comment I've got on DA, but yeah...)

Here the first one was done by D-Artemissato (Sasayaki Nunnorü and Noonorü's owner)
@Yesi_chan @Felicia_Val Kufufufu~ ;D on Twitpic
Isn't it sweet? *_* Stella is in love with Noonorü but she is so "tsundere" to admit it ...yet xD

And the second one was made by my sweet sweet friend Yesi!

(Camila Melodía's owner)

UTAU Hoshine Stella - MS Paint by *yesi-chan on deviantART
Isn't she cuuuute? She drew her with the other clothes, but yeah XD awesome thing is awesome *_*

2 comentarios:

Yesi-chan dijo...

hur hur mira q sexy a Stella 8D *ok no cuenta pq la dibuje yo hahah* pero me alegro q te haya gustado ^^

Feli dijo...

por supuesto!! :D