viernes, 26 de febrero de 2010

We are POP CANDY! + lots of stuff

I can't stop making cutesy songs X_x

Plus, I don't want to be this post boring, so I'll post some fanart I got lately ^^

Sol on Twitpic Taiyoune Sol (Stella's genderbender, put her flag at g+17)

@Felicia_Val Happy Birthday! on Twitpic

another scene :'D on Twitpic this one's amazing XD

Stella! on Twitpic

HoshineStella-Daughter of Evil by ~FrancescaBandicoot on deviantART

Happy B-day Felicia-Val by ~sushi-woot on deviantART

Hoshine Stella by ~pikasaki on deviantART

(can't remember if I got more, lol ^^U)

And a video!:

Thank you very much!

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